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We have skills and experience in systems and


business, and can help bridge the gap


In the new global environment the key is to work “smart”. There is a two-step process - select the correct technology, and implement it effectively.

What we bring to our clients

The mix of technical options available to companies is overwhelming. With all the options available, it’s difficult to decide what kinds of products and services are the best fit with your budget and staff skills. Frequently the problem begins in defining what is needed, what resources are currently available, and what is to needed to achieve the desired outcome.

We have skills and experience in both information systems and business to help bridge the gap. We can match your needs with our broad range of skills. These include:

  • Facilitation and advice For clients having staff availability and appropriate skills, we provide the plan and training, then advise your staff as they execute the tasks. This process maximises skill transfer and independence.

  • Joint effort In cases where the existing staff don't have extra time for project duties we will take on selected activities to get the project moving (for example security definition, data loading and system configuration). This is an effective middle ground to get the project done while still building the skills necessary to run the system in production.

  • Turnkey delivery In cases where the ROI is high, or there are related business dates that must be met you may need to get up and running as quickly as possible. We can deliver a complete operational system and then transfer skills during the early production phase.

What makes us effective

Jackson Begg stands out from the others on two very important dimensions :

  • Professional qualifications Our Principals are Certified Management Consultants, and active members in the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. We manage each engagement in accordance with the Institute’s rigorous code of conduct - your assurance of quality, fairness and confidentiality.

  • Clear communication Our advice is never wrapped up in technobabble or garbledygook; we give concise advice that’s direct and to the point.

There is often a reluctance to use outside consultants in favor of an “in house solution” for a variety of reasons. We don’t replace staff, we supplement them, and transfer skills and experience. Consultants are different from internal staff in some important respects. We offer:

  • Perspective Through our involvement with a number of different organizations, we can bring our broad experiences in similar situations to bear on your issues.

  • Independence We say what you need to hear, not what we think you would like to hear. Our advice is not influenced by reporting relationships or conflicts of interest.

  • Dedication When we commit, your assignment is our top priority, doing the work is our only responsibility.

  • Term When the job’s done, we’re done.



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