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About Us Decades of Management Consulting Success

Meet Terri Jackson

Principal and Co-Founder

"With over 25 years of management consulting experience, I can work with you to evaluate the current state of your technology and records management systems, identify gaps and potential risks to your information, and create or suggest changes that will meet your needs, fit your budget and meet your legal, governance and compliance requirements."

I can design and deliver a training program to execute, or facilitate half and full day workshops on all aspects of Technology and Records Management, information governance and accountability and I can conduct a benchmark skills assessment to determine your staff level of expertise."

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Terri is a skilled communicator who can objectively evaluate information and record management needs within the bigger picture. She can investigate, evaluate, create and implement technology, end to end records and data management solutions to enhance business success and mitigate records management risk at every stage of the records management life cycle. She was certified by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants in 1992, and won a President’s Award for exceptional service.

Terri co-authored major revisions to "Management Practices in Information Technology", the Association's common body of knowledge for its IT subject area that forms the basis of the Association's IT equivalency exam. She is a Board Member of the Waterloo Wellington Training and Adjustment Board and Chair of Brush with Art. She has worked with these and many other non-profit organizations.

Meet Ron Begg

Principal and Co-Founder

"I have been a professional manager and consultant for over thirty years in various roles and I know how to be effective as a consultant working to support your goals. Good communication skills and an open and honest approach has served me well in recognizing what needs to happen, gaining consensus and then moving forward in a controlled manner. These are positive qualities in my private sector work and essential in public sector with its increased demand for transparency.

We can work together in a variety of ways from short evaluations and coaching through more comprehensive engagements that need more external support to succeed. Would love to talk with you about your specific needs."

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Ron is an experienced executive and consultant and is an active member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. Through his consulting and management experience Ron has developed a variety of processes to deliver effective advice. In addition to his client activity Ron has spoken at a number of conferences and seminars on subjects ranging from “Translating Long Term Plans to Action” to “Public Sector Privacy and Technology”.

Our Company

Jackson Begg Limited was co-founded by Ron Begg and Terri Jackson in 1989.

Terri Jackson is a Certified Management Consultant who specializes in Records and Information Management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic Records and Document Management Systems (EDRMS), and retention and end to end version integrity management. Terri also works with a range of other qualified consultants to match client needs.

Ron Begg is a Certified Management Consultant and works with both private and public sector organizations. Ron can help your teams get organized, clearly identify their objectives and the specific actions to move towards those objectives. The structures and techniques Ron uses are both proven and pragmatic – your team will understand fully and be able to commit.